Resort Rules

Resort Rules

We hope you have a pleasant stay at Nithi Resort. In order to make your stay and the stay of other guests around you a happy experience, we ask you to observe some good camping practices. Please be advised that the management of Nithi Resort reserves the right to evict any camper or guest at the sole discretion of management.



One site consists of 2 People; charge applies for additional Person.

Children and teen campers are not allowed in the resort without a parental or legal guardian.

Only one RV or Camping Unit per site allowed.

No refunds are given for early departures.

Visitors must pay a $6-day pass admission per vehicle and must leave the resort by 10:00 pm. We are a quiet family campground. Loud music is not permitted at any time. Keep music inside and low. All music must be shut off by 11:00 pm.

Quiet time policy 11.00pm – 8.00am

Limit of two vehicles per site.


We provide Drinking Water please conserve it.

Site must be cleaned before checking out. Old or broken things must be placed in garbage or taken with you when you leave. Resort is not responsible for personal injury while in the park. Use of facilities is at your own risk.

Keep our kid's safe! The 10km/hour speed limit in the park is strictly enforced!

Absolutely no fireworks or fire crackers are allowed in the park.

Sewage outlet has a screw cap. Please replace the cap when leaving.

No cutting any plants or trees on the resort.

Swim at your own risk.

All garbage must be place in a GARBAGE BAG and put in the BINS located at the campground

Comply with campfire rules posted at wood shelter.



All pets must be on a leash at all times and are not permitted on the beach or swimming area.

No excessive barking or aggressive type animals will be allowed.

Campers must pick up after their pets (strictly enforced).

Do not tie dogs to clothing lines, trees or fences in the resort.

At no time are animals to be left unattended for long durations of time.

The action of your pet is your responsibility, please be sure you control of them at al times.


Boat Launch, Mooring

Fee applies for launching a boat We do not take reservation for moorage spaces (first come, first serve).

Buoys on dock means space is taken.

Boat and Buoys must be taken out if Owner/Operator not staying overnight (Asking People to look after your moorage Boat during your absence will be not tolerated!)

Stormy condition can occur suddenly! Boat Owner/Operator have to be prepared to take out Boat at any time to prevent damage on Boat and Docks

Storage fee applies to any Boat trailer parked in the Resort

Park Boat trailers in designated areas

Resort is not responsible for any accidents, damage or loss of personal property occurring on docks or in Storage